CHANGES for jdone.


Document version.

For jdone version: 0.6.

Source files are at revision: 0006dfebb720.

Package is at release state.

Build date: 2012-09-22.

tag:t0.6, 2012-09-22.

  • Highlight entries by date changing instead of even/odd day in CGI script.
  • Improve docs.

tag:t0.5, 2011-01-15.

  • Improve build, dist and release build targets.
  • Fix minor issues in documentations.

tag:t0.4, 2011-11-21.

  • Implement message posting from command line!
  • Add hook to record entry closing from Org enabled buffers.
  • Add install target for GNU Make.
  • IMPORTANT!! Some function in jdone.el was renamed! If you use only function from README you shall not worry about this.
  • Update definitions to include customization information.
  • Further docs improvement (internal file format was described, new installation instruction was added, links to various jdone related resources was added).

tag:t0.3, 2011-11-17.

  • IMPORTANT!! Fix bug in jdone.el and jdone-cgi-simple.bash (together 2 bugs from previous release). Both non-critical for user data, but they do not allow use jdone in normal way.
  • Update docs.
  • Improve build script.

tag:t0.2, 2011-11-16.

  • Add standard project documentation files.
  • Add documentation for users.
  • Add code for publishing and releasing project files to SourceForge.
  • Add funny CGI script to publish jdone storage under Web server.
  • Improve message posting to jdone storage in Emacs. You can publish selected region, current line (and optionally kill this line). Also you can integrate jdone with *Log-Edit* buffer to automatically record commit events!

tag:t0.1, 2011-11-13.

  • First public release.
  • Create storage format, look to jdonedb(5).
  • Add Emacs low level functions to write message to storage.
  • Add user friendly functionality to post message (including ability to edit message in separate buffer).
  • Add integration to log-edit-mode to record commit event in Emacs.
  • Add documentation.